​​The oldest self-built float in the rose parade

Parking at the Float Site

SPTOR and the City of South Pasadena Police and Fire Chiefs have worked together to develop a parking plan at the float site (435 Fair Oaks Ave) that will provide better volunteer access, reduce traffic congestion, increase safety, and provide parking for the residents of Mound Street. The plan, outlined below, will be implemented at the float site from December 26th to January 1st.

Volunteer Parking: Volunteers will be able to park on Fair Oaks and W. State Street. (Do not park in the shopping complex parking lot.)

Handicap Parking: Handicap Parking will be provided on the North Side of Mound Street (from Fair Oaks to the War Memorial parking lot entrance).

Resident Parking: Residents of Mound Street will be issued permits. The permits are only for the residential area located West of the War Memorial parking lot entrance. ​

Volunteer Drop-Off/Pick-Up: The area directly in front of the War Memorial parking lot entrance is designated for the drop-off/pick-up of volunteers. There will be no parking across from the entrance to the parking lot to allow vehicles to turn around.


Volunteers are needed from June through November to help build the core of the float prior to its final floral decorations. Please email construction@sptor.org if you would like to offer your time and skills.


Volunteers are needed to add flowers, seeds, and other materials that will turn the float into a beautiful work of art. We begin decorating in the fall, culminating in "Deco Week" December 26th-30th. Please review our deco volunteer page for additional information including our working calendar and rules and requirements for volunteers.