​​The oldest self-built float in the rose parade


Tip Toe Thru the Tulips


Dream Machine


Jungle Roulette




Air Mail


Celebrating the Big One

Volunteer Delivery
In the City of South Pasadena a humorous depiction of a "Volunteer Delivery," the delivery stork dutifully flies along the Parade route in anticipation of dropping off his little bundle.  Meanwhile, baby, using a pair of oversized binoculars, keeps a shape lookout for his new mama.  The stork’s flowing scarf is covered with orange and white roses.  Blue bachelor buttons, gladiola, split pea, moss and leaves make up the baby's "bundle."  Thousands of white,yellow and purple mums have been utilized on this delightful entry.

Source: 1984 Official Tournament of Roses Parade Souvenir Program


Mom and Apple Pie
In the spirit of American traditions, "Mom and Apple Pie" still stands out as one of the most loved. South Pasadena helps us remember this as the cornerstone of America "Mom," removes her freshly baked apple pie, displaying it to backyard society. Kids, cats, dogs, and birds are all momentarily interrupted in their play as they anticipate the destiny of this tasty treat. The float incorporates the latest techniques in computer-directed hydraulic power and is fueled by propane. Pink gladiola form the bush on the faces of the children, dressed in colorful caps and bows covered in pink, red, yellow petals. 

Source: 1985 Official Tournament of Roses Parade Souvenir Program