​​The oldest self-built float in the rose parade

Decoration Volunteer Sign-Up

Volunteers are needed to add flowers, seeds, and other materials that will turn the float into a beautiful work of art. Our decorating efforts begin in October and culminate in "Deco Week" December 26th-31st. Please review our Volunteer Info page for details, as well as our Volunteer Calendar to see our working days and available shift times.

Thank you for helping make our city's float possible year after year!​

12/3 Update: All 1st (8am-12pm) and 2nd (1-5pm) shifts during deco week are now closed. We still need volunteers for 3rd (6-10pm) shifts, so please continue signing up! Thank you!

Note: After 12/10 we will not be taking reservations for volunteers.

Please come on down to the float site for first come first serve shifts!